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Thorsten Havener said that:

Communication is not what we say, but what comes to others.

Communication is difficult even when you speak the same language. So, imagine how harder it is when the barriers of language stand in your way.Yet, your message should have no borders. The growth of your business shouldn't be limited to the countries where people speak your same language.

My job as an interpreter is to break down language barriers. It is to help you communicate your message at best, with no obstacles or cultural conflicts.

How can I help you?

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the most widely-known form of interpreting nowadays. It is perfect for all those situations in which a speaker addresses an international audience.

The interpreters always work in pair when delivering this type of interpreting, and they work from a soundproof interpreting booth with a team of sound technicians who manage the input and output quality. The speaker uses a microphone and the audience can listen to the interpreter's voice almost simultaneously thanks to special headsets.

The interpreting booth can either be present in the chosen location or conference centre, or rented for the event. You don’t know how to arrange this? Find out more and read about the event consultancy services I provide.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the most ancient form of conference interpreting. The interpretation of the speech - or part of it - is given after the speech, and with no technical equipment except from the interpreter's notepad.

It is important to consider that this type of interpreting generally takes nearly twice as much time as the original speech.

Remote interpreting

This type of interpreting has become widely known and used recently, as international meetings with interpreters can be held at any time thanks to technological devices.

Remote interpreting can either be simultaneous or consecutive and involve one or more interpreters. However, the type of event and online platform chosen entail a series of differences and limitations to keep into account. If you are not familiar with this new type of communication yet, you can make an appointment with me for advice: during our meeting, we can talk about the best tools and services that would fit your specific needs.

For any further information, read through my event consultancy service or contact me by filling in the form below to make an appointment.

Liaison and chuchotage (whispered) interpreting

Liaison (or dialogue) interpreting is provided during B2B meetings, business negotiations, bilateral agreements or technical training. It is required when two speakers do not share the same language, with a view to guaranteeing a successful meeting.

No technical equipment is needed for this type of interpreting, but a portable system, often referred to as ‘bidule’ or tour-guide system, may be useful to reduce background noise and make the translation more audible and comprehensible.

In a setting with one or two listeners and in the right conditions, chuchotage can also be an option. When working with chuchotage, the interpreter whispers the simultaneous interpretation of what is being said without using any audio support.

Interpreting, in all its forms, is very demanding and tiring. Interpreters have to concentrate fully and at length, and think on their feet. This is why two interpreters, instead of just one, might need to work together and alternate depending on the duration of your event.

Do you need more precise information to organize your event? Fill in the form below and, together, we will talk about how to meet your needs.

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Have you found what you were looking for?

Together we can work to provide the interpreting service for your meeting or conference in Italian, English and French.

Here are the areas I specialize in

Fashion and

Food /

Non-Profit /

Environment and
sustainable energy


Medicine and

The industry you work in or the language you are interested in are not listed above? Don't worry.

Fill in the form below with all the information about your project. I can help you find the right professional for what you need drawing upon a network of reliable and skilful colleagues.

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    How can I pay for the interpreting services?

    Interpreting services are paid by bank transfer.
    A downpayment might be asked depending on the type of job, and will be specified during the initial "fact-finding" steps.

    When shall I book

    Interpreting services shall be booked at least two weeks before the event, so that the interpreter has enough time to prepare for the job and study the informative material of the event thoroughly.
    Any documents, presentations and other information that you send to the interpreters is crucial, and will impact the final result and success of your event. To make this exchange of information easier, a confidentiality agreement may be signed if you care about the confidentiality of your documents (provided that this is indisputable for the interpreters and their professional ethics).

    How to contact me

    If you are looking for information or if you want to get a quote, please use the contact form on the website, or send an e-mail to We may then also arrange a phone call to discuss the details of the event further.

    In which areas are interpreting services provided?

    I work mainly in the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Marche and Umbria.
    But also in Veneto, Lombardy and Lazio.
    Are you looking for an interpreter in a different region? I can help you find the right professional thanks to my event consultancy service.
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