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Translation and Subtitling Services

If you work on the international scene, it is very likely that you often need to have documents, contracts, manuals, etc. translated.

So, you might think:

Someone in my team can do it. Or, maybe, I can do it.

Unlike spoken language, which is also made of body language and tone of voice, written language has a very limited margin of error. An accurate translation requires time and research. Do you really have enough time to do it on your own?

Whether you need the translation of just one document or a constant and reliable point of reference, my aim is to be there for you to help you convey your message with high-level translations in line with your communication style.

How can I help you?

Specialized Translation

Specialized or technical translations are highly demanded in the business world. From the texts for your website, to the copy of advertising campaigns, the translation of instruction manuals, research papers or even the script for your next presentation. Any document, especially when intended for a broader public, requires a well-balanced mix of faithfulness in the translation as well as technical and cultural knowledge for it to be fully effective.

Talking about presentations: would you like to improve your pronunciation and grammar knowledge? Take a quick look at my language courses for professionals.

Specialized translations also include the translation of official documents, such as birth certificates or others, which generally require to be "sworn", i.e. certified by an officer of the court. If this certification is required, it is important to ask for it from the start.


Are you making a video for an international campaign, for your website or, maybe, for a corporate event?Subtitling is the ideal technique if you want to make the video available to a wider audience in a very cost-effective way.

If you have a script of the video, please remember to attach it to the contact form. You haven't transcribed the video yet? No problem, I can do it for you.

Once the job is done, you will receive an .srt file with the translated subtitles and the precise timing for each one of them.

Editing and Proofreading

The International department of your company has always been dealing with the translations of your official documents - however, you would like someone to check and proofread them to avoid any grammar or lexical mistake?

The Editing and Proofreading service is intended to provide an accurate and in-depth revision of the translated text to identify and correct possible mistakes. The style and register are also checked to make sure the text is fully in line with its target audience.

Have you found what you were looking for?

Together we can work on translations, subtitling or the editing of your copy in Italian, English, and French.

Here are the areas I specialize in:

and handicraft

Food /

Non-Profit /

Environment and
sustainable energy


Medicine and

The industry you work in or the language you are interested in are not listed above? Don't worry.

Fill in the form below with all the information about your project. I can help you find the right professional for what you need drawing upon a network of reliable and skilful colleagues.

Fill in the form to ask for information or for a quote

    *Please, remember to attach editable files, if you can. This will allow me to prepare a quote and assess the time needed in a more accurate way. Recommended formats are: Word, Excel, Power Point, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, txt, rtf, PDF we can edit.


    How can I pay for the interpreting services?

    Translation and subtitling services are paid by bank transfer. A downpayment may be asked for very long texts.

    How long does it take to get a quote?

    Once the files to translate get to my inbox, it takes a couple of days to get a detailed quote for the project.

    How to contact me

    If you are looking for information or if you want to get a quote, please use the contact form on the website, or send an e-mail to

    After receiving the files, a phone call may be necessary to discuss some details of the project. If this is the case, I will send you an e-mail to arrange an appointment.
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